Friday Notes / Quiet Days are Good Days

Friday Notes / Quiet Days are Good Days

Friday Notes /// 14.4.22

Quiet days are good days.

The world is a quieter place these days - and initially, it had us feeling down. However, the more we've thought about it, the more we realise it's maybe not a bad thing.

Do we want to own the busiest coffee shop in the world? Christ no.
Our mission was, and still is, to build the best community hub in the world.

The keyword there is community. Would we rather a thousand people per month buying coffee at our shop, or a hundred familiar faces? The answer there seems rather apparent to us!

The GTBAL community is unlike anything we've seen before. Every day we witness the most unlikely characters laughing with each other, sharing stories and seeing life from different perspectives. It's beautiful.

Give us that over endless queues of strangers any day of the week.

So come be part of the family. Hang around for ages, take up space and wrack up a tab you'll forget to pay. Join us for the long run, and when we've finally achieved our mission - meet us for a pint to celebrate.