Copy of About Us

The Lowdown:

Get the Boys a Lift (GTBAL) is a non-for-profit organisation offering free and easily accessible mental health support for the people of our community.

We run a clothing and coffee shop in Haverfordwest, serving beautiful Allpress© coffee and offering a unique cafe experience, where you can chat to counsellors and make new mates. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our services online - making it easier than ever before to get help.

Our mission is simple, to create a happier and healthier community for all!


The Story So Far:

Chapter 1, 2016

On the 5t of September 2016 one man left Haverfordwest with the idea of starting more conversations and raising some funds at the same time.

Instead of asking for donations, t-shirts were made with the idea of raising more
funds to support suicide help lines for young people, and to start more conversations amongst people who bought one.

On the return home, numerous beers were drank and tales were told of a journey
around Wales and the people met and lifts shared.


Chapter 2, 2017:

In 2017, we see new members join the crew and the name "Get The Boys A Lift" was born. This time, the crew hitchhiked 700 miles around Wales, raising more money than ever before.

The clothing designs improved and sales continued. We kept designing and working on building a brand that would encourage more conversations and help create change in our community.


Chapter 3, 2018:

After the success of the trip, applications flooded in to become the illusive fifth member for the following year which saw Greg Walters join the team, followed quickly by Evs, a last minute stand in, who we all struggle to imagine GTBAL without now.

The 5 lads who embarked on a 2000 mile round trip around the UK, stopping in
all 5 capital cities, including that infamous night in Belfast and the 187 pints of Guinness.

Greg Walters took home the bacon on his debut appearance. Beginner's luck, or a born winner? Either way, after thousands raised and successfully connecting 8 people that we knew of to help and support services, the message was on the wall that in some weird way, shape and form, being ourselves and promoting more conversations around mental health was working.

On September the 20' 2018, we signed and agreed to take on 'Our Place' at 7A Dew Street, after realising we had a bigger responsibility than just catching lifts.

Without the backing and support of our community, stripping our place and starting a fresh wouldn't have been possible.


Chapter 4, 2019-Present:

2019 saw the doors to 'Our Place' open to the public, quickly establishing itself as one of Haverfordwest best coffee shops and mental health support centre.

Fast forward a few years and a pandemic later, GTBAL is bigger than ever before, having helped over 300 people through their mental health journey!